What We Teach

Adaptive Self Protection

A complete system, Adaptive Self Protection teaches the fundamentals of self protection and self defence. It is principle-based and utilises adaptive learning to enable each student to create their own system for individual needs. The name was chosen specifically to convey what this method is about.

Being an adaptive system is key to this process as we aim to show students the various methods and principles which can be applied to a given situation but allowing the students to utilise methods that best suit their own individual attributes. Not everyone will be able to use certain methods but with some adaptation each student can be effective in defending themselves. And it must be remembered that the soft skills (awareness, avoidance and escape) will get you out of more potentially dangerous situations than just having physical skills.

This is purely about combat. The origins of all martial arts are of a combative nature and this is where our focus lies. While you will also benefit from increased mental wellness, improved physical conditioning and overall better health, our focus is getting ourselves home in one piece should we be faced with a potentially violent confrontation.

We have created a full system and not an assortment of techniques from various martial arts. We look at the big picture of self protection and know that it is not just about physical skill.


We aim to teach people the numerous aspects of complete training that is required to protect yourself or your loved ones.

There are a number of areas to study and that each student must consider when undertaking the study of self protection:

(1) How Violence (Actually) Works
(2) Awareness & Avoidance
(3) Counter-Ambush
(4) Breaking The Freeze
(5) The Fight
(6) The Aftermath
(7) Legal and Ethical Implications


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