Welcome to Adaptive Self Protection

Based in South Dublin, we teach Adaptive Self Protection which is sanctioned and approved by Master Dave Turton 10th Dan of Self Defence Federation (SDF) and All Styles Martial Arts Association (ASMAA).

A Holistic Approach

Self protection is more than just soft skills (awareness skills and human behaviour) and hard skills (self defence tactics). We take a holistic approach and incorporate diet, strength and conditioning and having a positive mental attitude as what is more likely to affect you on a day-to-day basis is stress and negativity. Training should enhance your life and not degrade the quality of your life; the art of living a full and positive life is at the heart of Adaptive Self Protection.


Instructor Jonny Figgis has been a student of the martial arts for over twenty years but in the last ten years has focused his research on self protection; the original purpose of martial arts training. He has devised this system based on thousands of hours of study, research and interviews with law enforcement, military and master self defence instructors from around the world. The list of instructors with whom Jonny has trained with and/or has been influenced by include Dave Turton, Geoff Thompson, Mick Coup, Bill Kipp, Rory Miller, Iain Abernethy, WE Fairbairn, Rex Applegate and Charles Nelson to name but a few.

Jonny continues to study and research as it is always important for instructors to continue to be students and keep up-to-date with advances in self protection strategies and tactics.


About Jonny Figgis

Irish start-up co-founder and video content creator based in Dublin, Ireland.
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